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Mike Plugh

Thanks for a great resource. I'd add blog collectives like DailyKos to the list of communities. It doesn't fit the precise definition of Social Network Sites, but as social media it operates better than any I've ever seen. The idea that members can initiate themselves into greater, deeper participation and build a collective identity via a jazzy, improvisational communication is really impressive.

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Scott Townsend

This is a great resource. Thanks for putting it together.

Andrea Goulet

Great list, Rachel. Thanks so much for compiling all this! Have a fantastic day! :D


thaaaaanx very nice :)

Krishna Venkatraman


Nice list - Check out another example of a technology company social media site -

Darren D. @BrandStrategic

Thanks for the excellent & concise list of resources and social media examples. Look forward to following and reading more. Darren D. @BrandStrategic

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