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December 05, 2011


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Interesting post Rachel. Thing is this reaction to uncertainty isn't confined to the social web. Arguably the rise of various forms of fundamentalism is a reaction to the increased complexity of modern living. You are right though that we have to invest effort to get the best out the wonderful opportunities we have.

Rachel Happe

Hi Euan -
You are right - the difference to me is that the social web has made that complexity even more visible to more people and the risk is exactly that - driving us toward extremely simplistic perspectives because we are overloaded. In organizations this can really hinder decision making at worst or create a very narrow decision-making framework if we are not aware of it and work to create context & meaning out of all the information.

Account Deleted

"social networking has taken off " ... because people, who are wholeness incarnate, finally have a 3D way to plug into that wholeness ... and it is liberating

"mental space"? ... pay attention to the self, and not to the stuff .. infinite space is immediately available ... everything needed comes at the right time automatically

"crave clarity and certainty"? .... live in the wounded place of not knowing .. that is the only place truth and reality can be revealed

"complexity drives anxiety"? ... it's fake. nature is simple, reality is simple, the self is simple ... everything else is just a story created by a worried ego

2012, more consciousness is available, experience, or believe, if that's all you can do, experience it for yourself.

drop the story, let life live you.

magic times, now.

Todd Bartlett


You make some excellent points in your post especially the need for companies or individuals to reduce "overload and complexity." I am frequent user of social media tolls and I almost never interact with brands. I enjoy using social media to learn and connect with others. I often feel overloaded which definitely results in anxiety because of that.


Gregorylent sounds a lot like Eckhard Tolle... bravo!

"Complexity drives anxiety."
And we are eager to believe that social media, social networking are complex ideas when, in fact, they are ancient. Indeed, Rachel, we seek out (prefer) simple lies over slightly complicated truths.

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