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October 27, 2011


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Rachel, Excellent post and a point of view that I wholeheartedly agree with. It was amazing how many folks were very, very nice to me when I edited a magazine. Being an editor is sorta like being the bouncer at a great nightclub; you decide who gets in. You can easily fall into the trap of thinking you're brilliant, because most folks will flatter you endlessly.

After a while, you can tell a bit who's sincere and who's not; but, man, I sometimes felt like the smartest guy in the room; and I ain't that smart. It can be seductive.

I just always told myself if there were a monkey sitting in front of them, picking at their hair for mites, they'd be telling the monkey it was the best mite picker ever so long as it lead to coverage in print -- or online.


Bryant - that is a perfect illustration of my point and it is very seductive if you are not self-aware of it. It's very easy to believe that it really is all about you. And it's not to say, we all suck and are no good, just that you need to take the wider view of why people are paying attention to you.
Thanks for the comment!


Nice. True of communities as well as the traditional analyst business where many mistake the root cause of respect, admiration, popularity etc etc.

Nothing wrong with it - its the way the world turns. Just as long as they can be as smart about processing it as you were as a child. :)

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