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August 23, 2011


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A Facebook User

Thanks for the mention. Keep up the good work - we can continue to inspire each other. Are you going to join Daily Mile like your pal Jim? :)



Thank you! We'll see about Daily Mile - I don't consider myself to be 'running' yet, more of a ralk but when I get up to actually running, I'm more inclined to post progress :)

Kevin Griggs

Rachel, I "restarted" running a months ago from a tendon problem. I've lost a lot of weight and I feel great. Have a look at Newton Running shoes. They're pricey , by they promote natural running are were recommended by Boston Sports Medical doctors. .


The mind-body conundrum is instructive.
Real physical exercise is , well, real,
it ain't to be found on the internet.
As for corporate attributes such as
"committed, purposeful, strategic and deeply pragmatic", well, as for those, I think they
are powerpointfull but lacking in the
physical punch of running 3 laps around the
shore of Spy Pond without stepping upon any goose remainders at all!

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