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July 26, 2011


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Some of the best advice I was ever given, "Everyone has their own truth".


I received the same in the form of "Everyone's reality is their own reality" from my high school history teacher. I didn't really appreciate how profound the statement was for a long time... but she knew how to make it stick, I think she must have repeated it every other day for a year. It was a good think to have stuck!


You've hit another ball out of the park. Now, to get all my friends to read this! The 5th bullet and your point about using images, art, and drawing to facilitate are especially interesting to me. Further, I think that your first bullet expresses a watershed statement that may allow identification of the leadership development philosophies and programs that are best suited to this time in history.


Great article with so many salient points! I particularly like the ones around uncertainty reigns, your right could be someone else's wrong, and the idea of using art to illustrate complexity. What I do think is missing from my perspective is the fact that even in today's global, always-on world, what makes things happen is true, face-to-face personal interactions. At the end of the day, personal relationships make the world happen, not just digital connections.


Thanks for the comments. I think that decision making at this point in history is a bit different and it's really difficult because everyone wants answers even if they don't exist so there is not a lot of empathy for leaders.
I also think the face-to-face is critical - maybe particularly so because if you are asking for and supporting a decision that may not feel ideal, you really have to trust the other parties involved.
It's an interesting time in the world and it's hard to find people both decisive enough and open enough to change that they can lead effectively.

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