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January 19, 2011


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great examples of Digital Body Language, specific to Twitter. Very much agreed, each of those little nuances of interaction can give you a better sense of a person and their interests.


Hi Steve -

Thanks for stopping and commenting. Love the term and will have to dig in to some of your writing on the topic a bit more.




Such a great topic! I've heard it also called virtual body language and electronic body language.

It's harder to set rules for, but their choice of language can be significant. It range from choosing a more impersonal (3rd party) way of saying something to looking for at the symbolic meanings in their word choices.

Kevin Micalizzi


Love this topic Rachel.

I think I suffer from "there is no spoon syndrome". For me these text spaces are just as filled with nuance and inference as any cocktail party, personal conversation or billboard... or megaphone. You're so right about the patterns, and the pattern changes. Humans have tells. If you listen,and you aren't busy adding your own backstory, you can pick up a lot of information about sincerity, depth of knowledge, whether someone is focused on conflict avoidance, risk averse, etc. It's even better than people watching at the airport.

What excites me most is that given enough time and interaction, you will
have every opportunity to get to know who you are listening to. The shield of text is a thin one when it's presented in a stream and reality has a tendency to rise to the top. I remember the old (I hope) perspective that there were mostly weirdos online. Thankfully, I've only met a few, but I knew 'em when I saw 'em.

Unless of course I am one... aw man, hadn't thought of that. ;)

Thanks for the post Rachel!

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