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November 29, 2010


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Amen! This is a huge reason why I hate this time of year--people (like me) who already have everything they could ever want and much more feeling obligated to rack their brains to think of gifts to buy for people who also already have too much of everything. Then you're supposed to endure huge crowds and possible bodily injury to buy the stuff? I hate the whole thing. AND it's cold out and gets dark at 5 pm.

Rachel Happe

Ha - it is dark... which is why it's perfect to stay in doors by the fire/candles. I love Christmas eve... smoked turkey, roasted veggies, gingerbread, Christmas cookies, mulled wine in front of the tree and a nice fire. It's cozy and calm - not at all the same feeling as the mall.


Rachel... You are so correct. Anything worth doing is worth doing well. It is so evident when receiving a gift with no thought put into it. I like to think of the Gift of the Magi story when selecting presents. Why will the receiver really like the present? If I can't come up with something, gift card! Find your own special gift at after Christmas prices...

In terms of a social strategy, you are also right. Companies need to spend the time to build consensus internally, find the champions and the people that need to be educated or their fears recognized. Goals, internal procedures, a well thought out engagement strategy and content strategy makes for a successful business process leveraging social technology.

I hope you have a wonderful Holiday with your little one with plenty of fireside chats. @pbrannigan

Rachel Happe

Hi Pauline - yes, it's definitely quality of quantity this year for me... and narrowing down the number of people on my gift list in favor of spending time on them.

I hope your holidays are bright and social!

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