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July 12, 2010


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Oooh--congrats--she's adorable! (my son is reading over my shoulder and said "Aw--he's so cute!)

Patience is not my strong suit, and being a community manager is certainly causing me to step out of my comfort zone when it comes to being patient...waiting for others to get it, needing to wait for others for information community members are asking for, etc...there is a big element of hurry up and wait to my particular job. Especially when everything you read and hear these days is stressing the URGENCY of "getting" social media and community management, and if you only could explain it better to the C-suite they'd move on it RIGHT NOW...that's just not the way it plays out in a lot of cases. But when things do come together, it makes the wait it took to get there a bit more tolerable (in retrospect)!

Rachel Happe

Thanks for stopping by Maggie and you point out another excellent point - the internal evangelism required to grow social initiatives is also something that can be cultivated but it takes a while for others to really 'get it' there as well and often it's a matter of continuously exposing people to concepts and simply waiting until it starts to sink in.

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