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May 19, 2010


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That is so true. Privacy is something that people just don't take very seriously. They share their location, photos and even their innermost feelings on sites like Facebook believing that it is secure. Facebook in turn is really breaching that trust.

But to me, the privacy issue is a symptom of Marketing running amok. For some reason, marketing people are beginning to believe that they cannot create more demand unless they are really intrusive and I really fail to understand that. If you put a privacy scare in your prospect's mind, you are more likely to scare him/her away. I am fairly certain that you can get more people to sign up by doing something that is more original and far less intrusive


I agree with you on Twitter. I resisted it for months, refusing to listen to reports of its usefulness. I couldn't have been more wrong. It is such a smooth, simple, streamlined informational sharing tool, I love that we are able to be curators of so much valuable knowledge and information shared at remarkable speed.

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