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April 08, 2010


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Emanuele Quintarelli

Rachel, very interesting post as always.

Only a couple of days ago, I was thinking more or less about the same topic: how social sales (reactive or proactive) in a social CRM scenario change the sales funnel and too which extent social support (and maybe other sCRM business cases) is getting mixed up with sales along this change.

Does it still make sense to think in terms of a funnel?

Rachel Happe

Hi Emanuele -

Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

You have a fair point - I'm not sure it's a funnel exactly either and I've seen other visualizations but I used the funnel as a default because it's what most people are familiar with and once engaged in the sales process, there is still a stage/phase flow (at least in more complex contexts) to ensuring the solution fits the customer need.

Christine Sierra

Nice post Rachel. It's something we're exploring with a new free service and trials - completely foreign to a business that has relied on enterprise software sales as a revenue model.

Now the fun part is the conversion tracking and measurement of success for such efforts - or perhaps absence of "effort" as we let prospects help themselves while we observe for a bit?

Rachel Happe

Hi Christine -

Thanks for stopping by - very interesting to watch and yes, I think the key in knowing when to start tracking/following. Measurement can be expensive and lead to intrusiveness so... figuring out when to start the counter is very important. You may want to chat with Bobbie Carlton about this (we were just talking about it over lunch)


Agreed. Great post. It led me to think of Joe Jaffe's concept of flipping the funnel. Social Media allows us to stay engaged after the sale and perhaps turn customers into cheerleaders. At least we can stay engaged and support them post sale.

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