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April 05, 2010


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Couldn't agree more, Rachel! Sometimes, I think both individually and as organizations, we add layers of complexity in an inadvertent attempt to add value. With each layer, we justify another system to hold it in place.

The result is that we limit the ability of others to interact and engage. It's almost as if by making things seem more complex, we make ourselves seem superior..."look at this nifty complicated thing I have mastered."

I hope those of you who are leaders and experts can remind one another and the rest of us that the very simple idea of offering more space and channels for inclusive engagement is what initiated the social media movement.


I really agree with what you are saying, Rachel. But I can't imagine how something will work without this evolution. People usually chooses or uses something new beacause of the diferences with the previews tool. But, when it comes tu functionality, we want what we used to have and like or what whe never had and keep searching for. So I think what happend to Twitter and blogs it's kind of it's 'natural evolution'. Dont you?

Rachel Happe

Hi Mimi -

Thanks for the comments - I think there is definitely a portion of it where complexity creates 'lock in' - those that understand it are part of the in crowd and those who don't are not. Constantly keeping an eye on inclusiveness and creating on-ramps is critical but very challenging.

Lucila - I think you are right that we can't ignore a natural evolution and I'm not advocating that we stop evolving... just that we need to be very careful about making the evolution more explicit and not over-engineering the evolution. But you are right - it is a constant tension and I'm not sure we ever get away from it completely.

SocialMedia Sceptic

From the Social Media Skeptic's Corner:
The buzz about social media has become a din.
The most likely widespread use of social media tools in business (I predict) will be their mass adoption by
onerous, over-controlling, micro-managing managers. It will be something like this:

Manager Email to all direct reports: "From today you will all tweet your location and activity each 15 minutes
without exception. Use your blackberry or your iphone when you are away from your desk.
Socially Yours, Your Manager."

Brett Johnston

Added complexity or a complex array of add-ins will boost customers emotions and cause contrasts to older known values and brands! Those customer experiences can become driving forces for good or bad product perception.
But I believe it also includes the same factor as cars; there an obstacle! That obstacle is a simple means to transport but it always remains an obstacle, everyone (and you) will notice your attached obstacle and have contrasting emotions.:)

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