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November 17, 2009


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Couldn't agree more. Great insights as usual.

Re: conferences and panels, I presented at the Social Consumer conference in NYC last week and it hit me that by the 3rd presentations we weren't really saying anything new. As I was the 4th presenter I found myself having to be really creative about what I'd focus on.

That said, I think there are audiences that aren't in our little Social Media echo chamber. I wonder if that's where the conferences and presentations are providing great value right now. Hospitality industry, anyone?


Well, I think there is great value in conferences as they provide the fertile ground where relationships truly take root and we know one another beyond avatars.

Ah Has! may have passed in the introduction of social media information. But to sirmichael's point, there are many groups beyond the echo chamber (loved that!) eager for guidance, who need facts to overcome skepticism and who require the skills to make these new channels their own. Within the realm of professional speakers, social media is still a hot topic and many professionals are just learning that they can engage without fear of their time being consumed or their topic being diluted. So carry on my expert friends and thanks for bringing light to the rest of us!

Rachel Happe

Michael/Mimi -

Great points and I was not intending to bash conferences or their organizers - conferences perform a really critical function. And certainly, branching out to other types of events is really important as well. My real point was that people's expectations about social media/E2.0 conferences should align with where we are in the market. We moved beyond the new big ideas to the more tactical 'what does that mean for my business'


Hi Rachel,

I think as a speaker and someone who attends nearly an event a week, the echo chamber can seem pretty exhausting.

However, many of the attendees, specifically, those at the SMB where you spoke, are still responding to your panel with positive feedback.

In fact, just this past weekend, someone told me it was the best panel they had been to. I think the conversation was a great exchange and people found that to be very valuable. I think the discussion varies depending on who your audience is and the conversation that ensues drives the value. If new findings are shared, then people respond and the benefit is the knowledge sharing.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to engage SMB NYC.

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