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November 30, 2009


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working girl

Very interesting post and I completely agree about swing and how important and elusive it is. Also that inflated egos kill swing. But mediocre collectives can kill swing just as effectively as independent divas so I think it comes down to skilled leadership.

Rachel Happe

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Skill is a definite necessity - mediocre will not do. I believe it actually required leadership skills from everyone on the team - and a willingness to change roles to address different challenges. Most rowers regardless of where they fit on the team are pretty intense & competitive but they also understand they have to cede control to achieve team success. It's a really interesting dynamic.

A.J. Pape

Trying a short test comment, my real one is getting rejected.

A.J. Pape

Rachel - Hats off. I read a ton on leadership, it's how I make my living, and I think this is one of the most useful, spot-on posts I've read on the topic ever.

Particularly liked this:

"It is better to agree and execute a sup-optimal decision collectively than to have a team of rockstars that all want to convince people to do it their way."

In the back of my mind I have a post germinating about the danger of "efficiency," when a group sacrifices everyone's collective engagement and passion because it's more 'efficient' to just impose someone's idea or leave them out of the process. I think your swing story touches on this nicely.

Will be recommending to my clients as I kick off a leadership program here in India this week.

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