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September 29, 2009


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Excellent post - now I have a new thing to help clients get past and this post will help a lot. I like the idea of Practice, Practice, Practice. I remember when I went through a class that dealt with fear and they said it was a result of us not knowing what was coming next - that causes a fearful state. Sounds like this is very much the same - they don't know what they don't know, but if they start by practicing, then it will help them tremendously.

Rachel Happe

Hi Mark -

Thanks for stopping by and responding - yes, very similar and compounded by not only by the fear of failing in our own eyes but in the eyes of people we respect or whom we want to respect us. Social exposure is a really hard thing to grapple with but getting some practice allows people to understand what types of reactions they are going to get in a still protected environment.

OK Rachel,.. what the heck??? :) The first time I commented your blog ate it. So I'll try again, even though I can't remember totally what I said the first time around..:)

A) Great road map on how to get started, I had no idea where this post was going but love where it finished!! b) We will always have to conquer fear and trepidation when pitching or suggesting anything that smells of social media. Thus small steps is key.

We are so far away from any type of comfort level with this that I'm amazed, or maybe I shouldn't be, by what I hear every day. Education, education, education...

Great Post!

Rachel Happe

Hi Marc -

1 - Thanks for stopping by, reading, retweeting & commenting.

2 - I'm very sorry that my blog ate your first comment. I'm not particularly fond of the comment workflow on TypePad but I'm less fond of the idea of moving my blog.

3 - I ramble but I did have a point and yes... lots of education and practice! Seems obvious but when I think of Twitter - I was learning the norms as they were evolving so I learned one thing at a time. Coming in now there is RTing, @ing, hashtags, Twitterchats, trending topics, cc's, URL shorteners, all these apps... much more complicated than it was back in the day when I used the web interface and had no groups. Remember when Twitter search was Summize?

Matt Garcia

I think another thing that takes some consideration is that blogs are meant to be conversational. People like to be talked TO rather than talked AT so to a certain extent, treating your blog as a conversation tool means that it doesn't have to be perfect (thereby diminishing (some of) the fear). You can admit that you don't know about this blog thing AS you try it out and let your audience give you feedback on what they want to hear about. Of course, that's not always possible when your one reader is the Viagra seller down in Sao Paulo :D

But, personally, I think much of the fear about social media is that people fear that they have to have a perfect offering (blog post, tweet etc.). But if you embrace that uncertainty and bring your critics into the conversation, I think it builds a better tool anyway for interaction with your members.

Great post, though! It's a scary social media world out there. :)

Rachel Happe

Matt -

That is a great perspective and one of the things that I've definitely noticed is that if you are perfect and have the answer for everything, it doesn't allow room for conversation. Definitely good advice.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

maricela morales

Our take after a combined 10 years building and managing communities is that we must go thru this and force enterprises to start focusing on what we call Solution Value (definition at we found out that business decision makers were missing so many of the key fundamentals for better outcomes and just expecting the technology was going to solve problems by itself, we finally decided to focus on the people and fundamentals for better outcomes.

Rachel Happe

Hi Maricela -

Thanks for stopping by and commenting - it is interesting that people continue to put the great white hope in technology alone, thinking it will be easy and expedient. It rarely is, it's almost always about change management.

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