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September 08, 2009


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Stuart Foster

The most relevant example of this is one of the primary case studies found in "Groundswell". The mini-cooper marketing to pre-existing customers was far more effective then doing new outreach, because it created a cult of personality. You wanted a mini-cooper because it was cool and your friends raved about them. Not just because they were in "The Italian Job".

kare Anderson

Those high-trust relationships take cultivating, taking the time to truly understand others' pressures and talents, going out of the way to serve them so one sets the bar for being trustworthy and pro-actively helpful.

I also think one growingly valuable "social organization" is akin to the pop-up retail spaces - the organization pops up to respond to a crisis or opportunity.

That means that, next to your top talent, your capacity to recruit the right team (especially including people extremely unlike you) to rapidly respond is a vital skill in this Connected Age.

Adept Collaborators may well be the New Normal Leaders. And they'll need a disparate network of high-trust individuals. They'll need to know how to communicate to connect and to speak credibly to the Seet Spot of mutual benefit to get buy-in.

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