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July 22, 2009


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Phil Sheard

Great writeup. Wish I'd been there for the live event.

Socmed tools are brilliant at bringing people together where they were once segregated. I beleive people mislabel the 'tool' as community because it facilitates and enables community.

Rachel Happe

Yes - agreed - and because of the close relationship they are often confused. Maybe a test for a community would be... if you took the content/tool away, would the community survive and migrate to a different tool.

Sue Anne

Have you looked at #journchat and what @prsarahevans does? I think she does a fabulous job at running Twitter chats -- mostly because she keeps things focused on a set of questions ... each of which gets asked sequentially. I do agree that it must be really difficult to be the "host" and also participate in the chat and feel like you're doing a good job at both.

Have you tried Tweetchat? When I'm at home, I follow chats on Tweetdeck but I don't have that at work. And, while it does have a few kinks I've liked using Tweetchat the best of the web.

MIchael Chin

I think there's a big difference between social media and community. Social media a means for communication and sharing. Community is a gathering of people that come together around a given interest (broad or narrow). Social media happens to be very good at facilitating a community because of its scalability as a technology.

My US$0.18.

Rachel Happe

Sue - Thanks for the recommendations - I've looked at TweetChat briefly but was not familiar enough with it to try out for moderation... but I'll take another look.

Michael - I think that is a great perspective... and worth US$0.18 I owe you :)


There is a whole list of Twitter Chats available on an easy to read schedule: Tweet the list so that they all can grow.

Also, check out for a platform where media (video or audio) can be mashed with a Twitter Chat.


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