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June 25, 2009


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Andrea Baker

Hi Rachel, I don't think we got to meet, but we've been bouncing around the same places all weel. Its been a fun trip. You got me in the picture up there. I am @immunity.

And as I mentioned during the talks, I think its a perpetual evolution that leads to each mini revolution.

working girl

My most recent post discussed social networking, how it's used today, how it might be used tomorrow. I love the comment about gathering a male and female of every species. And I completely agree with the product management approach to adoption.

Rachel Happe

Hi Andrea - so sorry we didn't have a chance to talk - too many people and not enough time! Thanks for joining us on Monday night and for stopping by here! I agree that the cumulative effect of a lot of small changes will lead to bigger changes at organizations. It's the only way large enterprises can absorb change.

Thanks for stopping by and your note working girl.

Brian Ellefritz

Rachel, thank you for your coverage and your blog in general. I love the quote about struggling with defining a community. At various times yesterday I was affiliated with the topics of baseball, fiscal planning, range hoods, Twitter for the enterprise and more. Google helps us fluidly connect with content needs of the moment and Twitter search, for me, helps connect with the topic/pundit of the moment in that same way. I think we fluidly move in and out of "communities and networks" all day long. Messy, but that seems to be the reality. The tools and techniques will emerge to help, I'm confident. Clever folks, us humans.

Keep blogging, love your work.
Brian Ellefritz

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