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May 08, 2009


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Stuart Foster

I think the good will that you engender towards any new endeavor can be tied directly to your past actions and voice within the space. Clearly you and Jim have gone above and beyond in this regard. Really hoping everything continues to run smoothly :).

Rachel Happe

Hi Stuart -

Thanks for stopping by and the note - I have always tried in my interactions with people to give as freely as I am able from both a time and information perspective but I also drop the ball on so many emails, etc. I think I'm just surprised at how that is coming back. It's an externality that I don't quite now how to calculate (being a bit of a wonk) - and a separate blog post that I am mulling in my head.

Things will no doubt not be exactly smooth but I'm looking forward to the ride and hopefully we'll be able to figure out some projects to work on together.

Cheers -


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