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April 29, 2009


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Stuart Foster

Subtlety is huge and extremely underutilized by a lot of marketers. I think men can learn a ton from our women counterparts when it comes to assessing a situation, forming a rational plan, and forming emotional bonds around a feeling that a product gives us. I've learned a ton with every female marketer that I've worked with. Hoping this trend continues :).

Mimi Meredith

I think for many decades, some women felt the only way to succeed was to act like men. So, even if generalizations based on gender are too...generalized, I think they still serve a purpose in reminding ourselves that differences are to be celebrated as the gift ingredients we bring to the recipe for success--whether in interpersonal or corporate settings. When we are willing to be authentic, and when we quit judging by standards of success based on any single model--either masculine or feminine--we will create workplace cultures that reshape the world. And to all started right here at The Social Organization :)!

Rachel Happe

Hi Stuart & Mimi -

Thanks for coming by and sharing your perspective. And Mimi - you are right - it is all about diversity in the end!


Meredith Kench

An excellent post (so good I twittered it too).

I do believe with social media becoming so important women are in the position to shine - not that we needed that to shine, but like you said we are more social, we do read queues better, add diversity to the workplace etc. I think that all adds up to a better workplace.

I also think that wining at all costs attitude and unbalanced workplaces end up burning people out / ruins productivity. I think we've both witnessed that first hand.


I really enjoyed your post. I will have to come back again to read some more of them.

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