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March 08, 2009


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Great piece, Rachel.

All I'd add is that the absence of such an integrated system hinders the whole industry. It took Steve Jobs combining the hardware, software, and licensing deals into a single package - and getting them all right - for the digital music business to take off.

So it is with this, IMHO.



You are brilliant. Period.

That's all I have time to write now, but my brain is supercharged because of this post.


David Wilkins

Nice stuff Rachel. As you and I have discussed, I'm keenly interested in how this plays out in talent identification, expertise location and the like. It seems to me that one of the big plays here lies in finding, recognizing, and elevating hidden talent and expertise that drives the company. Weaving the social throughout all of the traditional interactions and work makes this possible in ways that can't even really be imagined today.

Rachel Happe

Great comments

@adam I think the consumer web will be pushing corporate cultures - not in all companies but in many. This technology will likely sort itself out on the consumer web first (like a richer version of FriendFeed). But, yes, culture will evolve much more slowly. The companies that can tackle that issue will have a huge competitive advantage.

@mike - I think you may be on to something...hmmm. Are companies ready to spend on such well designed products? Can you imagine - not only enjoying the software at work but craving it? :)

@alexa you are kind. I'm just reflecting what I'm seeing.

@dave I think that there is so much 'hidden' or un-recognized talent in organization that it will surprise people. The majority of people don't like to brag so it has to be up to others to find it but that currently takes a lot of time which most people don't have...but if it is easier to see, that would change things significantly.

Thanks for the great comments!

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