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February 17, 2009


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Matt Searles

Err... you're actually the first person I think of

Rachel Happe

That means I actually have the time to help out some very well deserving friends ;)


Love this. Looking forward to seeing who you profile and what they have to say.

Aaron Strout

Rachel - very cool idea. Glad to have loosely inspired the series although yours is definitely heavier hitting than my #45in45 series. I look forward to tracking the series!

Aaron | @aaronstrout

Rachel Happe

Hi Alexa/Aaron - thanks!

While the #45in45 may not have the same gravitas because of the context, I'm really enjoying it!

Marc Meyer

Wow Rachel, what a great way of keeping valuable and talented people in play and engaged when other organizations had lacked the where-with-all to do so on their own.

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