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February 04, 2009


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I'm still resisting Facebook. My daughter is on FB, my MOTHER is on FB, but I don't feel like I need it - yet.

Scott Germaise

You said, "but I know that people who don't know me that well wouldn't understand or would take it the wrong way"

I've been thinking about this a bit myself lately in the context of what it means to have relationships more explicit. Because that's what we're really talking about here; making the nature of that which was formerly implicit more explicitly clear. Or at least partly.

Because tools for classifying relationships are still nascent, we're getting some of what I'd call "inappropriate peering." Or at least maybe ambiguous peering. What does it mean when a 10 year old nephew and an old college buddy are both "Friends?"

Navigating this type of world is going to be a bit treacherous for a number of reasons. Not the least of which will be the changing nature of the relationships themselves merely by having them explicitly classified. Part of my answer is to keep colleagues on LinkedIn and Friends on Facebook. Some overlap? Of course. But at least it's a line, however weak. And either way, I'll delete as I can overly snarky garbage or that which might be offensive out of context.

The future will be more tools and control to define varying levels of networks. The consequences will be those flowing from having more explicit lines in relationships.

Rachel Happe

Hi Daisy & Scott - thanks for stopping by.

I'm tempted to separate out between LinkedIn and Facebook too but I'm finding it is not quite so easy since my connections and friends don't use the two sites the same way so they want all of their connections on one or the other.

But I agree, the whole issue of making things explicit is really a very strange and someone unnatural thing.

Jen Zingsheim

It's not easy, and I think we're all getting a crash course on what it's like to live in the public eye, where everything we do is transmitted to broader audiences than we're used to. I draw this conclusion based on a background in politics, where I'd see the same sudden realization of a shift in what one can say and when as we'd prep new candidates who had never run for office before.

It's challenging, and I don't know how it's all going to sort out. I have found that I think everything through before posting to FB: how will friends see this? What about coworkers? etc.

Dan York


I definitely agree it's an issue we need to think through... and I wrote something along similar lines last week at:

It is a new world of blurred connections that we are living in and I don't think we yet understand all the implications.

As to your questions, I do NOT accept any connections on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. and only accept connection requests from people that I know in some context.

The challenge, of course, is that people I know in different contexts all see the *same* NewsFeed in Facebook, etc. It is indeed an interesting dilemma about how much to share.

Rachel Happe

Hi Jen & Dan -

Thanks for stopping by. Dan your post said it much better than I did!

I don't have any particular answers to this other than that I don't use Facebook for a whole lot because of this issue. I'll be interested to see how others navigate it.


Interesting conversation... You can actually have two accounts on Facebook and use one for your personal friends and one for more work related contacts. It's not ideal, I know, but works for me to have at least a general separation between my private and public personae. Maybe I need that because I am not twenty any more, who knows? I realize that my younger friends are much more open in that regard and easily share their weekend photos on FB for everyone to see. (I do not share photos on FB anyway, because of the copyright issues, I use photo sharing sites that allow me to set passwords per album)


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