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January 19, 2009


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Derek Showerman

Rachel, well said. Companies will not only survive, but thrive when they deliver on the expectations the customers have of them. I was speaking with prospectus employeer today that knows the future of their business hinges on their ability to engage their customer base and execute a new business plan based on their feedback and expectations.

Michael Chin

I couldn't agree more. Why the focus on advertising when you talk about marketing? I think it's easy to beat up on advertising because so much of it is done poorly. But marketing in general, are there disciplines/channels that work?

I believe that all marketing will be 'social.' Social will cease to matter (yes, I say that for effect). Marketing is at its core telling people about your product and what's great about it. Nothing's changed other than the channels available--crap marketing will always be crap marketing (even in a social media world).

Rachel Happe

Thanks for stopping by Derek & Michael - maybe it's just that...I'm tired of bad marketing :) Has nothing to do with the social media piece really!

Kathleen Buckley

Rachel- Thank you for sharing your thought process on how & why you choose the businesses you patronize. This is encouraging news to me because I choose to sponsor local non-profits and charitables (I own a real estate brokerage firm) because those things matter to me and make my community a better place. If clients decide to interview me because of that--wonderful. Nothing new under the sun with sponsorships.

The second point in your story: if I understand correctly, it is through "traditional" channels (TV and newspaper ads) and not via facebook or twitter that you were made aware of or (more likely) made your decision to frequent these businesses. When people refer to social media marketing are they referring to f/b, twitter, blogging or to appealing to prospective clients sense of, I dunno, social responsibility?

By the way, I came to your blog via Chris Brogan's tweet:
Nice night out with the pirates. I agree with @rhappe. More mischief next time. :). #pmn01. I checked your profile and clicked on your website. Glad I did!

Rachel Happe

Hi Kathleen -

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my website.

After reading the above comments and talking to people about this, I realize this post was only partially formed. The point I was trying to make is equally applicable to traditional marketing and social media marketing. The difference is that social media marketing is more conversational...and you never get to have a conversation unless your content is meaningful and relevant to start out with. In more traditional forms of marketing, it's easier to ignore the fact that they marketing content is not actually connecting with the viewer.

I think as an culture, we are starting to want more for what we buy - not just a great product/experience but also one that is made & distributed ethically (which will be different for different market segments).

Does that make sense?

Richard Clark Marketing Blog

Great article, well constructed and written in a very compelling way.

Whilst I agree to a degree some areas I wonder on. For instance just because you don't eat at Wendy's doesn't really matter. I am guessing you never have and although I don't know you (or Wendy's for that matter) I am suspecting you aren't in their target market. Hence their advertising probably wasn't meant to influence you.

Also to quote "choose your customers wisely", I think it this is an outdated premise. The advent of social media means companies can no longer choose customers (if they ever could), people now choose the companies they deal with and the information they wish to consume.

All that being said, you are right about creating conversation. I am much more likely to recommend and interact with a company that gives me a reason or motivation to do so.

I have a few posts on Social Media on my blog - happy for you to give me some honest and open feedback

Great blog btw

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