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November 04, 2008


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Doug Haslam


I agree completely about the change in dynamics this election cycle with Twitter. More than blogs, Twitter- and like tools- is immediate and intimate. Also, people were generally very civil and well-behaved. Remarkable.

it is great to have this world-wide water-cooler-- not just for the election (or the world series), either.


Rachel- You should try out Tropicana's twitter app:

The "freshly squeezed election tweets" takes tweets and creates a "bubble" proportional to each term's volume (like a word cloud). It then draws connections between terms mentioned together. It's a fun thing to play around with to see what people are twittering about. I've been working on the site with Tropicana, and we just launched it yesterday morning.

Rachel Happe

Thanks for stopping by Doug & Mark - I have seen the Tropicana App - love the visualization!

And, at the end of it all, Twitter just made the election a little more fun - and wouldn't that alone be worth it?!?

Matt  Searles

what a great post


remote intimacy? hmm... an oxymoron,
or the guiding light of the ancient
tradition of the epistolary relationship. A twitter raced
across the audience as the actors scurried from the stage.


Rachel - just saw this and thought of you (not entirely relevant to Twittering re; election but still good clean fun)

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