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September 26, 2008


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Ted McEnroe

To be clear, while the Pan Mass Challenge is a wonderful event, this was a truly awful evening. If something similar ever comes up in an auction we're at - you should probably just take the money you'd bid on the Monster visit and write a check directly to the PMC instead.

You know - I mean, because Rachel and I have already gone, and know how horrible it is. So, we'll bid on the package and suffer through it again. You can simply give your money directly, and stay safe and warm at home, without getting the infield dirt on your shoes or having to watch the game through those tiny slits in the wall.

We'd do all that for each and every one of you, because, hey, we're givers. :-)

Mukund Mohan

That's so cool. Glad you can really smell the roses. :)

Rachel Happe

Yes, I'm a giver...don't bother voting on this next year. Ted and I are happy to take on the burden again...if we *have* to :)

Thanks for stopping by Mukund!

Doug Haslam


Glad you had such a good experience-- the old regime on Yawkey way was a lot different, I have been told.

And thanks for contributing to the Pan Mass Challenge! I participated as a rider and fundraiser this summer (as anyone who had the misfortune to read my blog knows), and it was a wonderful experience.


HI Rachel,

As noted by Doug, the old regime on Yawkey way really didn't care bout their fan base, but at least the tix were affordable

Your contribution the Pan Mass Challenge is to be congratulated. I no longer ride my bike (long story) but am impressed by your spirit of giving.


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