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August 13, 2008


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Rick Faulk

Create simplification is one of the hardest things to do, but critically important in today's cluttered world.

I believe if you can put your corporate strategy on a single sheet of paper -- better yet, on the back of a napkin, it's probably one people will understand both internally and externally.

I'd love to see others take a stab at our "napkin challenge."

Tom Humbarger

Rachel - I see what you're trying to do with the 'official' strategy slide, but I think it's too busy and that you are trying to show too much with one slide.

Maybe you really have 3 slides - the simple high level one and then one each for the Social Media and the Social Learning parts of your strategy - especially since most community people won't get (or care) about the learning side of the business and vice versa.

Tom Humbarger

Kare Anderson

A great Me2We picture.

Back of the Napkin, CommonCraft, David Sibbet and others are leading us "back" to the way we collaborate, explain and learn best - visually

Doubly powerful to add the crowdsource element to the contest

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