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April 24, 2008


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Beth Kanter

Thank you for this excellent post. Last month I did a panel at the nonprofit tech conference called Social Media ROI Case Study Slam - I have the presentations up here on the social media metrics wiki

I'm going to add a link to your post and page there as well .. excellent.

Donnie Peterson

All to often, the wonderful "newness" of technology invites us to match the innovation with equally innovative ways interpreting, discussing, training and distributing it. In fact, if we search our hearts, minds and souls, we will find that the Social Media phenomenon is really not as new as we think--its merely an acceleration and delineation of communication options. With that in mind, measuring Social Media impacts ought to focus primarily on mission delivery of the org/biz and successful delivery of service to their consumers. That is the only way to avoid the concerns executive directors and board's might have when considering whether to invest time and energy toward Social Media applications. Simply put, measure the improved service delivery as it relates to ANYTHING and that should be the focus. Technologies will change, but the need to communicate our mission service and success shall remain a challenge in this and future tech paradigms.

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