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April 25, 2008


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Terry Fernandez

Two of my favorite topics, "Raw emotion and Transparency". What "struck me" most in your article is the line that says "What makes data, content, entertainment, and information more memorable".

"Memorable" might be the most critical attribute for Information?

Rachel Happe

Hi Terry -

Thanks for stopping by and, yes, I think making information memorable is at the heart of this. It's obviously what consumer marketing tries to do but I think we need to extend that thinking to all content. And to make something memorable it has to make some kind of emotional connection

Doug Haslam


What a great post- I muse on the "transparency" often, and mixing of shop-talk (and my PR work to be honest) with more personal conversations.

And I'm not just being nice because you gave me a shout out.

Doug ("@DougH" on Twitter)

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