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April 01, 2008


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Tim (@Twalk) Walker

Thanks for sharing these insights. "The question" at the end is a winner: as much as we might like to think of companies as rational, profit-maximizing collective entities, in reality they are much more sensitive to emotional or zeitgeist changes that can't be explained via bullet points. People in a position to move things have to *grok* it.

Lots to think about - thanks!

Hans Henrik Heming

Hi Rachel

I think it's personal journey - you are describing a journey your self as I see it :-)

In my company we work with tree different stages in trying to pursue organization using E2.0- tools.

It starts out by an Mindshifting exercise - explaining what is happening the the world around us, Explaining the shift from the industrial age to knowledge economy and what that means in terms of new ways of working, new value creation, shift away from production lines towards more relation based transactions.

Then we move forward teaching new skills, Skillshifting. New tools and mindset needs new tools.

By that we create a real Cultureshift, and there is a need for a Cultureshift in most organizations.

But it all starts out with personal journey, a sense of flow......something like that :-)

btw - I used to write A LOT about corporate blogging:

I wrote a Master Thesis on the topic Social Software as a Catalyst for Innovation back in 2004 :-)

Rachel Happe

Great comments - it is a very powerful moment when individuals 'get' the power of social media.

Hans thanks for the framework - simple but a nice way to think about the progression. Looks like I could learn a lot by lurking on your blog - thanks for sharing!

Warren Whitlock

Can I only have one AHA moment?

I get them daily working in this space. Here's one that just happened today.

Once I uncovered ways to find many interesting people to follow on twitter, and realized that I could sample as much or as little of the feed as I have time for, I stated following more people.

Anyone that is the least bit interesting, leaving out some of the students of cubicle workers and trying to tech leaders, marketers, bloggers/media and potential authors I found there were far more than I'd ever get to

Then the magic happened.

People started to follow me. I was getting way too many notices in the email in box.. and felt like I need to delete a dozen ever time I logged in.

But wait.. Each one of these was a real person who was selecting me. Most were people I was already following.

I decided that they deserved better. I started with a routine.

1. I click to their profile
2. I look for a link, or interesting post
3. I comment on their blog, ask to connect on LinkedIN or FaceBook
4. I tweet about what I've done

Today I selected on person. Joe Gerstandt (@joegestandt) and told my blog readers, twitter followers and Facebook contacts about him.

Turns out Joe is a great guy, and thinking about a book. As a publisher, I realized that this might lead to much more than "doing the right thing"

Even if it doesn't bring in a horde of cash.. it's the right way to network.


Thanks for your nice post. I always to read this post.

Rachel Happe

Hi Warren -

Thanks for sharing your best practice - while you may not be able to track revenue now you are doing something that will most certainly lead to business serendipity over the long term and most likely pay off in unexpected ways.

Kelly - thanks for stopping by!

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