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April 22, 2008


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Mukund Mohan

Would be interesting if your mail program stopped showing what you typed after 140 characters. My bet is most people will be rewriting emails 10 times. :)

Rachel Happe

Hi Mukund - Thanks for stopping by!

There are definitely things that need to be longer...and email is indeed useful for some of those things - my point is really to think about how we can all be more succinct and, with it, more effective.

Doug Haslam


Nice post. I particularly like your last bullet-- and would add that the passive emailers often assume the email has been read. Hilarity (or tragedy) often ensues.

Beth Dunn

Hear, hear.

I would add: When trying to coordinate schedules, don't say: "When is a good time?" but propose several options. At first it might feel pushy or bossy, but I find that people are grateful for clarity, efficiency, and brevity.

Rachel Happe

Hi Doug & Beth -

Couldn't agree more - thanks for the additions!


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