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March 11, 2008


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Chris Yeh

A note to everyone trying to be popular...just as in a beehive, there can only be one queen. If you try for the queenship but fail, would you have been better off following a more original approach?

Great meeting you today, Rachel!

Rachel Happe

Hi Chris -

Nice to meet you today as well. Thanks for stopping by and adding your perspective. Indeed even when you become a market leader in a growing market there are some disadvantages.


Britt Raybould

The other ones to watch are the straddlers, the people who can easily move between the super popular and the unique. These individuals may not rise to the status of "queen bee" nor stick out on the level of a punk, but their ability to interact with all status levels makes them able carriers of trends and information between various groups.

Rachel Happe

Hi Britt -

You point out a key role in networks - the catalyst...probably more important in large networks than anyone else as they keep the entire network inter-connected.

Thanks for surfacing.


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