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March 20, 2008


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Jonathan Block

Excellent post and insight into the day of an analyst. I'm not a technology analyst per se, but I do cover some marketing and social media technology as part of my job at SiriusDecisions, but your "day in the life" analysis is spot on.

Rachel Happe

Hi Jonathan - Thanks for stopping by and sharing your perspective.

Carter Lusher

Hi Rachel, Very useful post. I put a link to it on the SageCircle page "Analyst tips for AR"

Question: What are the top reasons why you turn down a vendor briefing?

Rachel Happe

Thanks Carter - The overwhelming reason that I turn down briefings is because the requesting company is outside of my coverage area. IDC has a briefing request form at that is the best way to request a briefing.

More often than not take a briefing, briefings tend to get scheduled with a lot of lead time, particularly if there is more than one analyst involved.

At IDC we will do one briefing a year with non-clients. I do try to hold to that policy generally because I otherwise would have no time for other research, writing, traveling and client work.

I generally do my best to accommodate briefings for anyone in my market (enterprise social networking).

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