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March 25, 2010


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Great Post~ I especially like #8 I think too often businesses get wrapped up in selling themselves or delivering a certain message when in actuality people are more inclined to think of you if you just relate to them on a non-business level.

Aaron Strout

Rachel - irrespective of the fact that you were kind enough to mention me in your post, I love your prescriptive recommendations. I am going to add this post to my links so that I can forward to folks getting started with social in the future.

Aaron | @aaronstrout

Rachel Happe

Matt - Having a little fun makes corporate information more accessible and increases the opportunity to connect vs. braodcast information. Critical for social channels.

Aaron - of course you are one I would include in a list like this - given you were the one who finally talked me in trying Twitter in the first place. At the time it felt like I was a bit late to the party but who knew where it would go!


Rachael, it was nice to see a similar perspective on SM, that I teach here at CBCA. I have 200 Real Estate Agents whom I tell, basically, that it is a "Training Wheels" approach. Just get started with a little bit of it, start riding, and when you feel comfortable...Take off those training wheels and get into it!

Thanks Again,


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